Friday, 10 October 2014

Building Renovation Contractors in Delhi, office renovation work in Delhi

ARK Interior renovate all type of office, home, commercial building, hospital, retail showroom, institute, school, farmhouse, apartment, Hotel, flat, shop etc. we provide all type of renovation work services. We are the best company for renovation work and have experience team to give quality work, we renovate office, home, commercial building, hospital, retail showroom, institute It is advisable to seek professional help while renovating a home. Hiring an architect or an engineer to plan on how to renovate your home and asking for designs is the best option. Also, this will give you an idea about the inexpensive and efficient ways to renovate your home  There are various types of flooring which are in trendy these days. Installing a floor in your home can be a strenuous task. One of the best types of floors is the laminated floors which are packaged with planks and can be installed very easily.
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If you've got the square footage to spare, an island can also be a practical addition to a kitchen. Family and guests tend to congregate in the kitchen and an island with counter height stools offers a smart seating and dining solution. Make the most of a kitchen island by having as much storage built into it as possible. If a cooktop will be installed, consider adding a 6" high ledge for a dining surface that will also act as a barrier from hot pots and messy pans.

Choose a good quality polyutherine finish (as opposed to water based alternatives which do not protect your floor as well) and sand down to bare wood.  We hired a professional to refinish our floors and I think it was well worth the money.  Painting, on the other hand, is an easy DIY given you prepare your surfaces well and give yourself plenty of time to complete the task, Home House showroom renovation remodeling  contractor companies in Delhi Gurgaon Noida Faridabad Ghaziabad Greater Noida Manesar Sonipat Kundli Meerut Ambala.

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